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Argentinian complaints over British missile drills blasted by MLA Summers

The Hon. Mike Summers OBE MLA has refuted claims by Argentina that military exercises taking place in the Falkland islands are provocative.

Argentina claim the drills carried out by the British Forces were a "pattern" of "hostile acts", and part of a wider scheme to militarise the South-West Atlantic.

Last weekend, the British Forces carried out several military exercises at the Mount Pleasant Airbase, including the use of rapier missiles.

The missile in question, is a short-range land to air weapon, which has been in the islands since 1982. Rapier firing has been a recurrent exercise at the military base for many years, with a test occurring twice yearly.

MLA Summers said: "It's always important that all military capability is exercised, rapier firing as much as anything else…It's happened for many, many years in the past and it will keep on happening"

MLA Summers who holds the Emergency Services portfolio believed it was another attempt by Argentina to try to manipulate the international community against the Falklands.

He said: "This is just part of Argentine rhetoric to try and ramp up international opinion about the Falklands position and it almost beggars belief"

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