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The war on earwigs

The European Earwig has long been a nuisance here in the Falklands. But following an environmental investigation by CABI (a UK company who specialise in biological control) we might just have found a viable solution to the ongoing pest problem. See Sophie Dulson's full report for more.

Small Wind Turbines: A solution to rural electrification?

Small wind turbines have been present here in the Falkland's since the 1930's, as a source of renewable energy. The popularity of them has led to further research being developed here, to see if small wind turbines could in-fact be a viable solution to electrifying rural areas.

A look at the Spinners & Weavers Guild

The Falkland Islands Spinners and Weavers Guild was believed to have been set up back in the 1940's by a lady named Annis Roberts. Annis moved to the Falklands following her husband, who was a Sea Captain for Falkland Islands Company. Seventy years on and the guild is still going strong. Our reporter, Sophie Dulson, caught up with Margo Smallwood, the secretary of the guild, who told us more on the art, that is spinning.

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